Program Outcomes



BA in International Studies - Program Objectives

The International Studies BA program aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to understand the complex economic, cultural and political transformations that are taking place at the global level. The program offers a strong background in economics and international political economy in the context of globalization and develops an awareness of world societies, business relations, cultures, global institutions and politics. Students are thus formed to successfully operate in global political and economic environments, on the other hand, to equip themselves with the necessary background for graduate studies in fields ranging from international relations and management to economics.


BA in International Studies - Program Outcomes

Common Outcomes of all Bachelor Programs:

  1.    Understand the world, their country, their society, as well as themselves and have awareness of ethical problems, social rights, values and responsibility to the self and to others.
  2.    Understand different disciplines from natural and social sciences to mathematics and art, and develop interdisciplinary approaches in thinking and practice.
  3.    Think critically, follow innovations and developments in science and technology, demonstrate personal and organizational entrepreneurship and engage in life-long learning in various subjects.
  4.    Communicate effectively in Turkish and English by oral, written, graphical and technological means.
  5.    Take individual and team responsibility, function effectively and respectively as an individual and a member or a leader of a team; and have the skills to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.

Common Outcomes of all Bachelor of Arts Programs in Social Sciences:

 6.      Develop knowledge of theories, concepts, and research methods in humanities and social sciences.
 7.      Assess how global, national and regional developments affect society.
 8.      Know how to access and evaluate data from various sources of information.

Program Specific Outcomes of Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Program:

  9.    Analyze global affairs from international relations and economics perspectives.
10.    Demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge of the international affairs.
11.    Compete for increasing opportunities in careers within the newly emerging global institutions.
12.    Evaluate the international political events and present their views and positions on international affairs with advanced oral and written skills.


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