Political Science Seminar Series: Stavroula Chrona(University of Surrey)


Sabancı University
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences




The Political Psychology of Participation in Turkey: Civic Engagement, Basic Values, Political Sophistication and the Young


Stavroula Chrona
(PhD Candidate in Political Psychology, University of Surrey)


April 19, 2017, Wednesday

12:30  FASS 2034


Abstract: This presentation aims to understand the recent heightened levels of mobilization and unconventional political participation in Turkey. I use a political psychology model that highlights the impact of civic engagement, political sophistication, and values on conventional and unconventional participation. I argue that these factors will be significant predictors of unconventional participation setting it apart from conventional political behaviour, which will be driven by simpler considerations. I expect these qualitative differences in the drivers of conventional and unconventional participation to go beyond age and gender differences and highlight the complexity of political decision-making in Turkey's political system. I use the 2012 World Value Survey to test my hypotheses, with a nationally representative sample of Turkish citizens. I find significant variations in the role of values, sophistication and levels of civic engagement for conventional and unconventional participation when controlling for age, gender and left–right ideological orientations. My findings confirm the complex considerations that drive citizens’ engagement with politics and can be useful to explaining recent political developments in Turkey involving youth, public mobilization and protests, but also mainstream voting choices.