2012 Recipients of FASS Teaching Awards

Published on 27.04.2014 00:21

Every September, FASS acknowledges four to six outstanding teaching performances in undergraduate and graduate programs. The recipients are a small subset of a large FASS family dedicated to teaching; we thank all faculty members for their sustained efforts and investments on the quality of instruction in this institution.

2012 Recepients of FASS Teaching Awards are:

– for her excellent teaching performance in literature courses.

AYŞE KADIOĞLU – for her consistent teaching performance in the SPS and POLS programs.

MEHMET BARLO –for his enthusiasm and effort in large ECON 201 classes, ECON 310, ECON 370 as well as the time, care and effort he devotes to graduate supervision.

FAİK KURTULMUŞ – for outstanding teaching in philosophy, cultural studies and lawðics classes.

HAKAN ERDEM – for excellent student advising in graduate programs, and his effort in teaching  history courses.